A Narrow, three-foot-long tube of rigid foam may be one of golf’s most versatile and unsung training aids. Standing on it improves balance, while lying on it helps your posture and core stability. Plus, it’s like a perĀ­sonal massage therapist, restoring elasticity to inflamed muscles to increase range of motion and power. Here are four golf-specific exercises you can do with the roller :

A) Balance Surfingsport 1

GOLF BENEFIT: Improves balance and pro-prioception (an awareness of where your body is in space), helping you swing the club faster and with greater control.

HOW TO DO IT: Stand barefoot on the roller, balancing for up to 30 seconds. When you can do this without falling, try a squat or standing on one leg. (Put both hands on a wall when starting out until balance improves.)

B) Snow Angels

sport 2GOLF BENEFIT: Forces shoulder blades to retract, reducing upper-back roundness; lengthens chest and shoulder muscles, allowing for a bigger shoulder turn.

HOW TO DO IT: Lie lengthwise on the roller, knees bent, feet flat. Slide arms up and down along the floor as if making a snow angel. Do 15 reps.

C) Knee-To-Chest Holdsport 3

GOLF BENEFIT: Engages abdominals for a stronger core; stretches lower back and glutes for better posture during the swing.

HOW TO DO IT: Lie lengthwise on the roller, knees bent, feet flat. Cross arms over chest and slowly bring the right knee toward your chest, stopĀ­ping when the thigh is perpendicular to the ground. Hold for 20 seconds. Do three reps on each leg.

D) Thigh Roll

GOLF BENEFIT: Massages the iliotibial band (a fibrous tissue that stabilizes the knee and hip), improving pelvic range of motion for a more powerful swing.

HOW TO DO IT: Place roller just below right hip. Balancing on right forearm, roll your body up and down, keeping hips perpendicular to the floor so the roller massages the outer thigh. Massage each leg for two minutes.